*Student Work

A subscription service that connects people.

Branding / Ad / Packaging / Web / Experiential Marketing

Objective: To provide easy and inexpensive reading at your fingertips with a twist that will bring like-minded individuals together.

Insight: Finding someone to talk to about your favorite book can be hard. We live in a digital world where people would rather watch a tv show or listen to a podcast.



Once you take the quiz, we'll currate your perfect box to be shipped right to your door!

Pen Pal 

When you're done, send it back with your thoughts and let the pen pal journey begin.


Using quotes from well known books, advertisements are used to get people curious about the brand. Like a fun guessing game, people can try and figure out what book the quote is from.


Once they figure out the quote, they can post a picture on social media with the hashtag #FindTheQuote to win fun prizes. 

Reading Spaces 

Teaming up with vendors like Story Pod to set up fun reading spaces in parks across the US, will spark reading groups and pen pals. Novels will be provided, along with giant books carved into letters that people can take pictures in.