*Student Work

A Fresh Air Fund Partnership

Web / Snapchat / IG / Experiential Marketing

Objective: A summer promotion will be geared towards making a child's summer sweeter through kindness and giving. By donating to Fresh Air Fund, host families will be able to experience more fun with their sponsored child. 

Insight: Low income families don't have the opportunity to do fun things in the summer. It can be an extra cost that they can't always afford. 

Interactive Freezer Display 

In order to let buyers know that a portion of their purchase will go towards this summer promotion, the freezer will activate a screen each time someone walks buy 

Popsicle Truck 

A popsicle truck will show up in different locations to promote giving and the partnership. To get a free popsicle, you must give one to someone else first. 

Find It on Twitter!

See where it's going next to score your free Popsicle.
The locations will be posted daily on Twitter.


Children from Fresh Air Fund will be able to vote where they want to go weekly on this fun and easy microsite. 

Snapchat Filters 

To promote the partnership Popsicle will release fun filters for people to use. 

IOS Stickers 

In order to raise money as well as promote their partnership, people can buy stickers to use during the summer months.